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Fishing at the Pourvoirie Trudeau

27 lakes for the best fishing experience.

  • Daily fishing or with accommodation
  • Ice fishing
  • Fishing packages
  • Many hatchery indigenous trouts hatchery
  • 2 quota: one quota for speckled trouts and one for rainbow trouts
  • Excellent fishshing opens all year due to our high level (more than 700 meters)
  • 27 magnificent lakes plenty of trouts that increases in weight in their natural environment

A choice of 27 magnificent lakes spread across the territory for the best catches of speckled and rainbow trout.

Whether you prefer a small, mid-size or bigger lake, a lake that’s more private or one within close proximity to services, your wish will be granted.

Daily fishing trip, or overnight with accomodations
Ice fishing
Best deals on fishing packages
2 quotas: 1 quota for speckled trout, plus 1 quota for rainbow trout is allowed
Excellent fishing year round made possible by our elevated altitude (700 M)
Magnificent lakes full of trout developping in their natural habitat

Pontoon rental is now available for 2 or 4 hours, or on a daily basis.

Free at Pourvoirie Trudeau

  • Rowboat
  • Map of the territory
    • Helpful hints from our guide

    Everything is available on the premises

    • Permit
    • Worms
    • Bait adapted to our lakes
    • Life jackets (mandatory, rental available)
    • Convenience store
    • Ice
    • Electric motors, gas motors (rental available)
    • Fishing equipment (finshing rods, nets, anchors, rental available)