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Lanaudière, an outdoor region

We’re situated between the Saint Lawrence River on the south and the great Laurentian forest to the north, the Laurentians on the west side and the eastern boudary is the Mauricie, only a short distance north of Montreal.

Lanaudière’s territory extends some 250 km from north to south, over 85 km wide, covering 3537 square km. Heading north, the contrast goes from more heavily- populated territories to green space and sparsely-populated areas.

The region is characterized by its vast territory, nestled between rivers and mountains, making it one of the most panoramic areas in the province. Attractions abound and its charm is unique. It is known as a miniature Quebec!

There are valleys and wooded mountains, and ten thousand lakes and waterways. In the northern part, there are welcoming villages along winding roads. Further north, there are mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, rapids and falls. You will discover 6 regional parks, the National Trail, 2 faunique reserves (Rouge Matawin, and Mastigouche) and 3 ZECS. A large section of the Mount Tremblant National Park is situated in the Lanaudière region. As the north is excellent for hunting and fishing, numerous outfitters operate here.

Source : Tourisme Lanaudière